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View of garbabe dump at Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) road showing the negligence of concerned authorities, in peshawar , Pakistan

Comments on: "Dark side of LRH Hospital" (7)

  1. it’s a shame for the people of peshawar,we have to keep it clean

  2. i think we are responsible for this, why we cannot complaint ? we should raise voice for such issues..

  3. Fahim(ahmadkheel) said:

    these area must be clean. Because that from many places comes the patient so what they will is the work of distric nazim(imran khan)to clean this area by commite.

    • Fahim(ahmadkheel) said:

      we should clean the envirement. special this area the heart of peshawar.and it is also the front of the hospital so it is the work of those people that who takes salary for this work(and that is mr imran khan distric nazim)

  4. Fahim(03339373588) said:

    we should go to distric nazim house and clean this area by him

  5. Jamil Mohmond said:

    its not only the duty of the provincial or local govt. its the duty of all those who live in the suroundings. if each one try to clean mere the spot at which one stands, then there will be no such spot to be pointed out for the govt. we people dont care for all this and then blame the administration and the govt.

  6. saifullah said:

    District nazim Imran khan is responsiable for cleaning of such durtyness etc I am saifullah from Mardan Garhi Kapura

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