Gateway to centeral Asia

A Pakhtune Voice

  • We the guardians of our motherland
  • we the heroes and champion of pasts, present and future…
  • we the descendants of Ghaznavi, Ghori And Soori…
  • we the symbol of peace, wisdom (Rehman Baba) and bravery …
  • we the pride of Pakistan(Imran khan, Jansher khan and Jahangir Khan)….
  • we the fortres of beauty, hospitality and tranquility…
  • we the inheritors of Dhol, Rabab and Atann…
  • we the people never slender, and are never
    conqueror ed…
  • we the people always stand for justice, self respect and tolerance…
  • we the people , prefer death of honer rather the to be subdued….
  • In short we are the choice of nature, solution of problems

By M Usman

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