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About Us

Hello and Assalam-o-alakom to Everyone.

I am KALEEMULLAH KHAN from Peshawar, Pakistan. I got my primary education in Peshawar and completed my BE in Computer System Engineering from N.W.F.P University of Engineering and Technology Peshawar.

I have great love for my country and countryman. As I live in Pakistan so I consider it my duty and responsibility to do some think for my countrymen.

Peshawar Site is a step towards my goals and ambitions to highlight Education, Sports, Pukhtune Culture, and Spirit in Peshawar at this difficult period of time.

About my self I would like to say that I am a simple person and my idea about living is one should live and let others live.

In addition I would like to mention the name of my friends Mr. MUHAMMAD USMAN, MR SUHAIB and MR SALMAN KHAN who motivated me to launch this site.

Your ideas and suggestions will always be welcomed and appreciated.

Best Wishes.

Comments on: "About Us" (1)

  1. Syed Shanul Haq said:

    Peshawar mere Jaan hai.Pakistan mera Dil hai. Keep up the good work brother.

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