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The fastest Bus Service of South Asia:

If you are living in Peshawar (The capital of North West Frontier Provience) and you want to experience a lifetime as how to move fast on congested and withered roads, here is an option for you to just sit in the bus whose route is from Peshawar bus stand to Bara (The Khyber Agency).
These bus are locally called the bare bus. The unbelievable and tremendous bus service.These buses are considered as the fastest passenger buses. They move on the road like the roads belongs to them. They are locally called bullet-buses because of their speed. They are bredemann ford Buses built in early 60’s, and they are still in use all over in Pakistan.
It is of interest that other vehicles almost always get off their way because of their aggressiveness. The drivers of these buses controlled theirs buses by their well developed skilled driving and command. As there is saying that Time is money – well for the people of Bara (Khyber Agency) and Peshawar if they want to save time they travel by the buses.
If you are a foreigner you must at least enjoy the ride of the BaraBus once in your life.
The BaraBus not a only move aggressively but they are always being overloaded from people, standing in the roof, school children are hanging form the sides, people hanging at the gates. They used pressure horn to make there way in the congested areas. There are some other characteristics of the BaraBus.
In spite of all its rough shape, its aggressive driving, the abusive language of driver and conductors, think its worth to at least enjoy a ride in the famous BaraBus.