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The Role of Student in the progress of a Country:

Students, called the new generation of a nation, play a key role in the progress of their country. We the student are the future representatives of our homeland Pakistan. We have to make our beloved homeland a strong nation so that no one even dream of harming her. We have to built Pakistan , then we can make progress in every profession and field of life by leaps and bounds. This Pakistan was the dream off our leader Alama Iqbal. The Quaid loved the student of this nation and now we have to fulfill the dream of our leader. We got this homeland after great sacrifices made by our fore father. In order to make Pakistan a strong Muslim nation, we have to take a number of steps- firstly we the students have to work hard to achieve our objectives. Then the most important thing is our unity which is power. For the betterment of our beloved Pakistan, let us all play proper role firstly as student and secondly as future leaders of Pakistan.

Pakistan Zindaabad